Life Long Learning

The Life Long Learning Education

Learning is a process that is never coming to an end as long as you still living on the earth. As a person, you must think of what you want to learn about and how to learn about it. All in all, the parents of a child have got the responsibility of ensuring that the child gets the full information as needed by the development of the child. A child will always have to go through development learning stages that basically include mental and physical growth of a child. It means that any child has to be introduced to these modes of learning basically by a parent who will hand over the child to the teachers, and this is what makes education to be a lifelong learning.

Life Long Learning Termed As Education

Education is termed as life long learning process because it is something that begins at the point when the child is given birth to up to the point when the someone grows old to become and grandfather or grandmother then dies in peace. When a baby has just been given birth to, the baby will respond to the new environment by crying aloud. This will make the people around the baby to be sure that the baby is complete and can easily communicate with the new ordinary world.

However, when the baby refuses to cry, people tend to have a lot of perceptions about the baby, and at times, they can slap the baby a bit so that the baby can cry since this may mean when the child’s life long learning may be hampered with at some stages. If the baby does not cry at all it may mean that the baby if is a def one. Medical discoveries have come up with new technology that can save a baby who is def on the initial discovery of his or her problem. This is normally done through a very intense surgery that should help the child to have his or her tongue open up to talk.

Life Long Learning Never Complete

After a child has been given birth to, the parents and some other people must take care of the child by making sure that the child is in is free from other obstructions that can jeopardize the good health of the child. The parents, at this point will take the responsibility of taking the child through a life long learning by teaching that child a number of things like taking food. At this particular point the child may not be able to feed by him or her self and so the parents will have to teach the child how to eat by introducing the child to softer foods. One such important food for a very young child is carbohydrate liquid that can be obtained from the hospital or the can be made locally by adding carbohydrate substances to the water.

The life long learning is never complete until some leave the earth, that to mean that the life of someone expires. In normal circumstances the life of such a person will have to be nourished by the parents from the time of birth till that day when he or she will be responsible for his or her actions at adult stage of life, and this learning continues.

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