Eat Properly Before an Exam

Your preparation before an exam physically and mentally is just as important as learning material. During exam you should be fit in both aspects mentally and physically. Therefore you should make it sure to take proper diet so that you can concentrate on answering questions correctly and not feel any kind of hunger pains or fatigue. You can block out time for meal in your study schedule so that you have proper time for eating before exam. You should keep your eating schedule normal so that your week should not end up with low blood sugar due to poor eating habits. You should avoid all kind of new experiments like trying new food or supplements before exam. It is time to skip all kind of foods that has caused problems for you in past. Here are some instructions and you must follow them before going to examination hall.


You should eat a well-balanced meal before your exams like if your exam is at morning then take sometime to eat proper breakfast including protein and fruit to provide sufficient energy to your body.


You can take protein rich food like eggs, nuts, yogurt and cottage cheese during breakfast and lunch on the day of test. If you take protein rich food at the start of day then its effects will last throughout the day.


You should take each meal light because heavy dishes can make you lazy. If you are not hungry then you should skip dessert. The last thing you need to fall a sleep before test to keep yourself active.


If you are habitual to take caffeine as a meal substitute then this is not a good habit you should skip it. You can take caffeine (if you normally drink it) in normal quantity because if you avoid it altogether then it may cause headaches but you should avoid from overdo it. Overdosing of coffee and energetic drinks can make you anxious and can crash your concentration. Therefore instead of caffeine you should try green tea as a natural caffeine addition in your diet.


You can drink protein shake or other healthy drinks if you are too nervous to select a healthy diet for you. This can give you sufficient energy that you need to keep going and that you cannot get until you can eat properly.


You should keep healthy snakes like protein bars and fruit in your bag to champ during test. You must keep your energy up without resorting to sugary treats which can cause quick bursts of energy that can lead you toward crash in concentration.


You should take a multivitamin like “Omega-3s and B vitamins” every day because these vitamins can increase functionality of brain, but it is not enough you are still need full range nutrition to keep your body healthy.


You can drink moderate amount of water during exam but avoid from any alcohol because alcohol can cause fatigue, headaches and general lack of concentration. Therefore you should try to avoid all alcoholic drinks a night before exam. You should drink plenty of water before exam because plenty of water keeps you hydrated before and during exam. Dehydration can cause you to loose your focus and feel sick during exam.

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