Eligibility for Pharmacy Technician Certification

The pharmacy technician certification exam “PTCE” is conducted by PTCB “Pharmacy Technician Certification Board”. Once you have passed this exam you can officially utilize title of “Certified Pharmacy Technician or CPht. In addition to attending a certified school you will need to meet assertive other eligibility requirements in order to sit for “Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam”.

  • You should make it sure that you have either graduated from higher school or you are holding a GED before attempting to register for PTCE exam.
  • Absolute minimum amount of required qualification to sit in education for “Pharmacy Technician Certification” exam is a high school diploma. There are few uncertified schools that will tell you that you don’t need a high school diploma to enroll in their program. This is a first indication that pharmacy tech school is not reputable. You cannot go through pharmacy technician program if you cannot sit for certification exam.
  • Make it sure that you don’t have any kind of criminal record. You will need to make it sure that you have no any violation convictions and criminal convictions cannot be drug or pharmacy related.
  • If you have been convicted for criminal offense then you should first contact lawyer to see if you can have your record abolished. If you cannot do so then you can go to PTCB and tell them truth then find out if you can still sit for “Pharmacy Technician Certification” exam.
  • Finally you should make it sure that you have not penalized for any reason by any State Board of Pharmacy in past.
  • You will need to make full acknowledgement to PTCB for any pharmaceutical misconduct. These kinds of cases are handled on an individual basis and PTCB will have to review misconduct before you will be permitted to sit for Pharmacy Technician Certification exam.
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    Tips to Choose between Education and Job

    Students who continue their studies during their job are usually on crossroads. It is usually very hard to manage an education and job together and sometimes it happenes that you need to choose between job and education. You can take decision on the basis of following guidelines:


    In this kind of situation first question is that are you be able to afford college and almost various students can afford this because of student loans, scholarships and federal grants. You only need some sort of plan written or in mind to find out where you can see yourself in next years. Simply if you bring your education in college experience life become much easier to manage. read more