How to Get an Internship or Seasonal Job for College Students

It is great to be a college student for many reasons. You managed to get into a third level institution in the first place. And you are studying something that you choose and not more all those subjects that you disliked throughout your school years. What have you heard about internship?

Still, you might be struggling with the costs of college education. Or you might be looking for some work experience so not to leave college with an empty resume. And the answer to both situations can come in the form of an internship or a seasonal job to you. read more

Eat Properly Before an Exam

Your preparation before an exam physically and mentally is just as important as learning material. During exam you should be fit in both aspects mentally and physically. Therefore you should make it sure to take proper diet so that you can concentrate on answering questions correctly and not feel any kind of hunger pains or fatigue. You can block out time for meal in your study schedule so that you have proper time for eating before exam. You should keep your eating schedule normal so that your week should not end up with low blood sugar due to poor eating habits. You should avoid all kind of new experiments like trying new food or supplements before exam. It is time to skip all kind of foods that has caused problems for you in past. Here are some instructions and you must follow them before going to examination hall. read more